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The mission of the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association (MEMA) is to improve the quality of service in the public sector by providing a forum for the free exchange of experience, technical knowledge, ideas and opinions that enhance the delivery of public services and promote the personal and professional growth of our members. MEMA will serve public safety by helping to ensure that environmentally responsible, safe and efficient stationary and mobile systems are at work.

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    Hello MEMA Members!!


    I am truly honored and excited to be your current President! Some of you may not realize I had been president of MEMA for eight years in the 1990’s. Our association is a dynamic and outstanding establishment which continues to provide relative and current information that is all encompassing. Educational, technical, informative and collaborative while developing partnerships and creating synergies for an ever expanding and important industry role. MEMA memberships include, technicians through directors and all facets of municipal and private organizations. Our network includes a geographical area from Santa Maria to San Diego and out to the Coachella Valley with over 600 member agencies. MEMA Ohio is a really exciting new chapter as well, with over 100 members in the State of Ohio region and they are growing! Mr. Kelly Reagan from Columbus Ohio is the Chair of that Chapter and January 16, 2014 marked the first MEMA Ohio membership Meeting!


    Our organization has been growing exponentially and changing rapidly. For 2014, your MEMA Board has been working diligently on a group of renewed goals and objectives, including aligning meeting schedules for improved locations to bring better and more substantive content to our association. In April of this year, we will be meeting with several municipal fleets in Northern California to embark on new discussions over the creation of our second chapter, "MEMA North-Cal"!


    The first MEMA Procurement Conference is planned for 2014, and MEMA has formally become the chapter director for Clean Cities Long Beach: "MEMA Clean Cities Long Beach Chapter." With the expanded advantages of Clean Cites, there will be tremendous opportunities for education, alternative fuels instruction and a myriad of new "Green" technologies for your edification. MEMA membership, support and participation for this endeavor is paramount for its success.


    It's very important for membership to attend meetings that are informative, educational and substantive to increase knowledge. MEMA provides tremendous “tools” that are relevant and readily available at your disposal; the MEMA website, Newsletter, “E” communications and meetings are excellent conduits of information. The activities of MEMA continue to grow, and the expansion of MEMA can deliver more of our good works to our members and employers. With additional new membership, we can strengthen our presence in the industry, leverage that presence to augment our programs, and provide outstanding opportunities to all chapters. The vitality of MEMA builds a greater future for our vocation which enables us to successfully elevate the future of automotive fleet management and technical professions.


    At the MEMA January 2014 meeting, we discussed and approved increasing the annual dues to members and associate members. This initial process was introduced at the November 2013 association meeting where an important discussion ensued, and the membership ultimately and fully supported the initial request. The dues were increased from $125/yr for regular members to $275/yr. For associate members from $275/yr to $495/yr. When comparing the total opportunities MEMA provides to its membership, with all of the extremely essential and viable information which is articulated through several forms of media you will find that MEMA is the best professional fleet management association in the business that is very cost effective. MEMA is still approximately 35% less than comparable associations, and MEMA had not increased its dues in over ten years.


    The dues increase is crucial for us to continue to sustain and increase the many tools and resources you have at your disposal, including managing the website, holding association meetings, webinars, training events and providing tangible materials. Unfortunately, it costs a little money to properly facilitate such a dynamic association. For our very important Associate Partners, MEMA is an invaluable resource to the professional network you would depend on to use your products and services. It also provides opportunities for new synergies to partner and increase business strengths at all levels. Associate members are further offered the opportunity to host meetings to then exhibit their services first hand with the decision makers that can execute on those decisions as required. For all members, this nominal dues increase is a minimal price for the professional growth of each member and associate member to expand upon the outstanding attributes and contributions the MEMA Association delivers.


    2014 marks the associations 62nd birthday as well, making MEMA the oldest formal municipal fleet management association in the industry!


    Thank you

    Your President

    Paul Condran







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