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The mission of the Municipal Equipment Maintenance Association (MEMA) is to improve the quality of service in the public sector by providing a forum for the free exchange of experience, technical knowledge, ideas and opinions that enhance the delivery of public services and promote the personal and professional growth of our members. MEMA will serve public safety by helping to ensure that environmentally responsible, safe and efficient stationary and mobile systems are at work.

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    Hello MEMA Members!!


    I am very proud of the work and growth of the association. Our organization had a banner year of growth and opportunity in 2015. We continue to grow in membership and branch out to many areas inside and outside of our Southern California Region. This past year provided many opportunities for our members to become engaged in learning, meeting attendance, networking opportunities and we broadcasted considerable information via the website and email communications. We approved a dues increase for the first time in eight years as well. This greatly helps to offset our association expenses.


    The year started out with a great meeting at the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) where attendees learned about engine and emission regulations, as well as new rules being contemplated by the SCAQMD and also the California Air Resources Board. We also held our first Procurement Workshop at Cerritos College. This event was attended by over 90 MEMA Members and 15 Associate Vendors, some of whom provided presentations on various methods to acquire equipment, bid opportunities and web acquisition services. It was truly a great event. Stay tuned for more! 


    This past 2015 GFX conference observed MEMA partnering with Bobit Media in a big way. We collaborated with Government Fleet and held the first collaborative meeting/session on the Best Industry Practices. This session, held on the first day of the conference was hosted by MEMA, and had over 200 attendees. This was a wonderfully successful session and Government Fleet recognized the importance of MEMA to the industry. It was one of the best attended sessions of the GFX conference. In fact, please look for another MEMA sponsored session at the 2015 GFX in Denver.


    MEMA members had a fantastic showing in Bobit’s Leading Fleets program, which presented awards at the GFX conference. MEMA fleets were in the Top 20 Fleets plus fleet managers were recognized for their excellent work.


    Your president and board members traveled to Sacramento and participated in the Regional Green Fleets/Clean Cities Conference, toured the Sacramento Regional area, city of Sacramento and also had the opportunity to learn about a newer technology, anaerobic biodigesting. This is an excellent 100% recycling technology, where you can witness a true, “Farm – Fork – Fuel” technology. The city of Sacramento is fueling their vehicles at this facility where it produces renewable natural gas from household garbage. If you have an opportunity to visit Fleet Manager Keith Leech, he will be happy to provide a tour.


    MEMA continues to develop our strong relationship to the 100 Best Fleet programs. Over 50% of our membership participated in this very important industry program. Ten fleets were in the top one hundred and two were honorable mentions. Our OH member City of Columbus took the top spot and NorCal member City of Sacramento was second. What a great testament to the good work our members are performing for their cities and counties.


    And now for some really exciting news! This year, MEMA collaborated, developed and launched our second MEMA Chapter. MEMA “NorCal” began official operations at the beginning of October. The chair of this great new chapter is Mr. Dave Head, Fleet Manager of Sonoma County (retired), president of Head Fleet Management, with Vice-Chair Mr. Keith Leech. The new board is in place and excited to begin this great new chapter. You can obtain information on MEMA NorCal by visiting the MEMA website and look for the press release. MEMA NorCal is growing rapidly and we intend to fully support their great efforts. MEMA Ohio has now completed their first year of operation and they have over 100 members in the Columbus Ohio regional area. They continue to rapidly grow and provide excellent educational services to their membership. Now with chapters, MEMA Ohio, chaired by Mr. Kelly Reagan and MEMA NorCal, we continue to grow and provide outstanding opportunities to the municipal fleet industry. Just watch us grow!!


    We are planning for some great workshops, improved meeting information and content and will continue to support and educate the fleet industry. Many of our members are specifically sought out for their expertise in the fields of alternative fuels, specification writing and fleet management techniques. This makes our association strong and more vibrant to the greater-broad municipal fleet industry.


    Thank you to our great Board of Officers who work tirelessly to provide the best opportunities that MEMA can offer. I also wish to express my sincere gratitude to all of you, our membership. Without our great members and especially our wonderful associate members we would not be the industry standard-leader that we are quickly becoming. I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a terrific and healthy new year!! See you all in 2015. Peace be with you all.



    Paul Condran








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