If you are planning on renovating your bathroom then you must make sure that you do it to add comfort and new spice to your home. Be smart about remodeling a part of your home. Make sure that what you are doing can last for many years before it needs to be repaired or remodeled again.

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Spending for bathroom remodeling can be quite expensive but if you consider only the essential things that need remodeling, you can cut down your cost and you can make your bathroom look amazing as well. Below are suggested things that you need to do to your bathroom:

Put a Window near your Shower Area

Why do you need a window near your shower area? Is it important? Yes, you need a window near your shower area because it plays an important role in keeping your shower well ventilated and it lets the air escape so that unnecessary water and air particles would not make your bathroom humid and uninviting. If the air and water particles are trapped inside your bathroom, there is a possibility that molds can grow and it would not be a good sight to see.

Another good thing about putting a window in your shower area is having good lighting inside your bathroom. You never know when you want to take a selfie in your new remodeled bathroom, right?

Shower Tile Floor

A bathroom is a place that you can be freer in choosing the tile designs because you can put two to four kinds and it will still look amazing, unique and personalized. But we recommend that in your shower area, you should choose a tile design that is small and has a texture because this will help in the long run. Since this part of your bathroom is the part where it gets wet multiple times in a day, you should make sure that you do not slip and slide with a tile that has no texture and has lesser divisions.

Also, you use different types of soap and foam products which is also very slippery on tiles so you better choose a small and textured tile in order for you to avoid accidents.

A Tub is not Always a Good Idea

A bathtub requires a lot of water before you can use it and it will also take up a big space in your bathroom. Hence, if you do not take baths in a bathtub that often, you should not install one in your new and remodeled bathroom. If you would want to have more space in the bathroom, maybe you should think twice about putting a bathtub in the bathroom that you want to remodel.

Here are just some few tips that you can apply if you are going to remodel your bathroom because these tips presented to you is very much useful.